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MacBook Water Damage Repair in Burnaby SFU

Did you accidentally spill water or liquid on your MacBook? Don't panic! in most cases, we are able to repair the MacBook. At Apple, you will get a quote of $700 to $1800 or more to repair Macbook water damage and they replace the entire logicboard and other parts like the screen and top case. The reality is that they don't want to repair or spend time on fixing the totally reusable parts you already have but we are able to repair with over %90 success rate and the best part is you pay if we fix and no fix no fee. 

MacBook Water Damage
Cost Burnaby SFU

Logicboard Repair (No Power)
50 (depending on model)


 $180-$325 (depending on model)


 $125-$260 (depending on model)

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