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"I brought my new MacBook Pro in for a screen replacement and they did it over the Easter weekend for a WAY better price than London Thugs or the rotten Apple store! They were super friendly and efficient. Grateful to not drop a grand on a new screen! Thank you for your help!"

"Macbook Repair Vancouver was very fast. I brought it in on Thursday and they got all the issues repaired by Sunday. They fixed my 15" MacBook Pro 2019 with a swelling battery (new battery replacement), bezel crack replacement, and new keyboard. They were the best value for the money, as I brought it in for a quote from London Drugs and Apple and they were 3 times as expensive. MacBook Repair Vancouver gave a fair quote and their turn around was fast! Highly recommend."

"I didn't even expect them to have a replacement battery on hand for my 2014 macbook, but got an appointment same day and battery swapped in 2 hours. Great, fast, and friendly service!"

My MacBook repair was stellar, I had an issue with my screen and it was repaired extremely well, less than half the cost which apple was going to charge me! The service staff is very friendly and everything was definitely on point.I did also get a loan laptop, but I was too nervous to use it seeing that it had chrone browser installed. But the repair was done really well!Happy with the service!

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